Creative Change Retreat 2017

By L. Kasimu Harris 

While reading the first email from The Opportunity Agenda, a plethora of feelings journeyed through me. It was an invitation to participate in their Creative Change retreat on the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah, where they brought together artists, activists and funders. I wasn't aware of this event and was puzzled, initially,  and wondered how did they become aware of my work. I continued reading and saw I was nominated by Lolis Eric Ellie, a writer and an authority on many things. Then, an unwavering feeling of inclusivity began to burgeon inside of me.  That feeling has lasted from that email, to my five days on the mountain and now, as I've returned home to New Orleans. 

I had the opportunity to share my work on documenting New Orleans and its culture and images from War on the Benighted and A Blackness Continuum, two projects that examine social justice issues. That allowed me to share my visions in a safe space, in a room full of folk with similar missions. I listened to people from across the nation who are also working to combat the fear narrative, expose injustices and use art to make change. And it's my hope that I've forged relationships on the mountain that help to increase my impact and improve the lives of others.