War on the Benighted 2015 -

About the Series

War on the Benighted is a narrative constructed reality series about students who became frustrated with the inequalities in education; they rose up and began a quest to educate themselves. The story commences after each students’ rising action of a dearth of educational possibilities. Their grievances were with the school-to-prison pipeline, emphasis on standardized testing and a diminishing arts curriculum.

Images from the War on the Benighted series were a part of the group exhibition, Changing Course: Reflection of New Orleans Histories at the New Orleans Museum of Art exhibition in summer 2018.

Changing Course: Reflections on New Orleans Histories
An Exhibition at New Orleans Museum of Ar

About the Exhibition

Changing Course: Reflections on New Orleans Histories marks the 2018 New Orleans Tricentennial by bringing together a group of seven contemporary art projects that focus on forgotten or marginalized histories of the city. Projects by artists Katrina Andry, Willie Birch, Lesley Dill, Skylar Fein, L. Kasimu Harris, The Everyday Projects and The Propeller Group each shed light on the past while also looking towards the future, returning to defining moments in New Orleans’ history that continue to frame art and life in the city today. Reflecting on how these histories have shaped our responses to present-day issues and concerns, the included projects also consider how returning to the past can help spur evolution and change, and make a lasting positive impact on the city. During a year of celebration and remembrance, Changing Course invites the city to consider how the act of commemoration can also be a form of forward thinking: a rejoinder to the present that might also change the course of things to come.

Archival pigment print editions of 6 + 2 AP
40 x 26.5 inches