Dreams Do Come True 2009-2013


Artist’s Statement

As a child, I thought some things would never happen. Growing up in the 1980s, I never thought that we would have a Black president. I’m a visual person: I couldn’t see it. I was far more hopeful that my hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, would win the Super Bowl. But then, in the span of just two years, both of my childhood dreams came true.

 Taken in New Orleans, a city where the night is as celebrated as the day, these photographs illustrate dreams in various forms: professional athletes pursuing other passions, musicians collecting themselves to play, and children holding the instruments of their future. Sometimes, we dream best with our eyes wide open. I imagine E.J. Bellocq, the early twentieth-century photographer and this bar’s namesake, had a similar process.

Archival pigment print editions
Various sizes