Take 'Em Down NOLA In Solidarity With Standing Rock

Text and Photos by L. Kasimu Harris

Take 'Em Down NOLA was set to host a rally at Jackson Square on last Saturday afternoon, to support the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. But, officials with the city of New Orleans' had the gates of the park locked, undeterred the group assembled just across from the square and in front of St. Louis Cathedral, a historic church in the French Quarter of New Orleans.   

Native Americans and organizers from Take 'Em Down NOLA and other supporters gave statements opposing the 1,170-mile Dakota Access oil pipeline. Members for the local Native American community, contend that the $3.7 billions project will threaten water supplies and violates their right to sacred land.   

A release from Take 'Em Down NOLA explained their support of with the Standing Rock Sioux Native American tribe. "Due to the many organizers with Take Em Down NOLA who support the work of our Native American brothers and sisters who are working to protect the land and water at Standing Rock, we stand in solidarity with them now."

Take 'Em Down NOLA's mission statement is to "remove all monuments, school names and street signs dedicated to White Supremacists."