Truth, By Any Means Necessary

My artistic practice modulates among photojournalism, cultural documentation, personal and daily life, and constructed realities, all in an effort to tell stories of underrepresented communities in New Orleans and beyond. Truth, By Any Means Necessary is the convergence of those visual pursuits, a conversation among the work that uses several approaches to arrive at verities.

My foundation as a visual communicator is a fact-driven approach that I learned as a journalist and the quest for truth remains paramount to all facets of my storytelling. However, art has allowed me the freedom to explore, examine and recreate factual events or issues that are not permissible in news.   

That approach is best reflected in my constructed realities, where I examine social justice issues in the African American community.  They are a means for visual and psychological studies to examine racial inequities and the imbalance that pervades class, education, and neighborhoods.

I seek to continue exploring and examining issues that captivate and upset me.

L. Kasimu Harris: Truth, By Any Means Necessary

Dunbar Gallery (Grambling State University)

Grambling, La

January 29 - February 26, 2018

Reception - Tuesday, February 26